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Can you inject love's tender touch back into the gang bang?

name:: Angela(Angie)
age:: 13
gender:: Female
location:: NC, Elizabeth City

eleven favorite bands:: Brand New, As I Lay Dying, UnderOATH, Bright Eyes, Throwdown, Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, Hawthorne Heights, Everytime I Die, Bleeding Through, Desaparecidos.

three favortie songs [and the names of the band]:: Brand New - The No Seatbelt Song , As I Lay Dying - 94 Hours , UnderOATH - It's Dangerous Business Walking Out You're Front Door.

three bands that you can't stand, and why:: Good Charlotte, (Not really a band)Avril, Simple Plan. They try too hard to seem "cool", they have the dumbest lyrics and their just stupid.

shows you have been to:: Um..A few small ones and one with blondedevilkim with Slipknot, Shinedown, Hatebreed, etc.

five favorite movies:: Pirates of the Caribbean, Girl Interuppted, The Nightmare Befor Christmas, Napoleon Dynamite, Donnie Darko.

three favorite books:: Corline, A Child Called "it", The Outsiders.

three favorite televeision shows:: Surreal Life, I Love the (70's , 80's , 90's , etc.) , Strange love. Haha, I love Vh1.

what thing can you not live without, and why:: My computer. My whole life is on my computer, if it died, I'd go with it. Haha.

make me laugh, or at least smile::

Haha, I think its funny.

OPINIONS [please elaborate, no 'yes' or 'no' answers]
abortion:: If someone has sex just to have sex and be cool or for the feeling and doesn't bother using protection then they shouldn't be able to just get rid of their problems by killing it. But, if someone was rapped then they couldn't help it. It's an if if situation.

gay lesbian relationships/marriage:: Love is love. Doesn't matter who you share it with, as long as it's shared. No one has the right or should have the right to take away peoples right to love and make it offical.

straight-edge:: I don't see anything wrong with it. Everyone is diffrent.

self infliction:: It's stupid. Some people do it for the wrong reasons.

the 'scene':: If thats what you want to do then so be it. I think everyone should be who they are.

[at least] three clear pictures of your face,
and one body shot.

Sorry, not a very good picture.


in at least two communities,
and one journal, and post the links.
http://www.livejournal.com/users/death4honor/35868.html?view=75548#t75548 - Journal.

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shut the fuck up, and stop taking my bands, to let all of you know, shes a fake peice of shit.
their not YOU'RE bands. God. Wtf?
stop acting liek you like them, when you dont know shit about them, let me guess, you know one fucking song from each of them, and i bet you dont even knwow the name of the members, stop being fake,
how am i being fake because i like some bands that you like or don't like? whatever, i dont care lol
its the fact you dont know them, therefore you cant liek them, and and you are soo fake otherwise too, applying to communities for atractive people when you label yourself ugly, hating mariah, then becoming great freinds with her, blah blah, i could go on, and on. and so are you a big giant hypocrite, its sickineing, and you cant handle your fucking cat going outside to take a shit without OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG AHHH, IM DYING. your too dramatic, go apply to be an actress.
who said i don't know them? you don't know what i listen to all the time. i apply to communities because i have friends that ask me to join. i never hated mariah. don't talk shit when you don't even understand it, like with my cat. jeez, whatever.
"god shes obsessed, i hate her, shes so gay"

remember that you fake peice of shit?

i hope your disgusting girlfriend cat catches hypocrisy from you and dies.
i never said i hated her. cool, thanks. byee
cool, thanks. byee

mmmmmmmmm, thats cool.
no posting unless you are a member.

save the drama for the playground.