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Can you inject love's tender touch back into the gang bang?

name:: Kim.
age:: 14 years old.
gender:: Female.
location:: Asheville, North Carolina.

eleven favorite bands:: Oooh joy.
1.Taking Back Sunday.
2.Bright Eyes.
3.The Cure.
4.Brand New.
5.Senses Fail.
6.Blink 182.
7.From Autumn To Ashes.
9.My Chemical Romance.
11.The Used.
three favortie songs [and the names of the band]:: "Just Like Heaven"-The Cure. "Ny-Quil"-A.F.I. "Lover I don't have to love"-Bright Eyes.
three bands that you can't stand, and why:: Hoobastank-played out. Green day-Getting played out. Hm...Yellowcard-I just don't like them too much.
shows you have been to:: The lunatic luau. Saw Slipknot, Shinedown, Hatebreed, etc.

five favorite movies:: Godsend, Thirteen, She's too young, Taking Lives, Hm...any disney movies. :)
three favorite books:: The Dark Portal, The Pearl, Dr. Seuss books. I love Dr. Seuss.
three favorite televeision shows:: I don't really watch TV. But if you insist, I enjoy Degrassi, Daria, and Family Guy, South Park also.
what thing can you not live without, and why:: My computer. My whole life is on it. It's all I do. You take it away, I would probably go insane.
make me laugh, or at least smile:: Might not make you smile. I love it though. Sorry if it didn't.

OPINIONS [please elaborate, no 'yes' or 'no' answers]
abortion:: I am for it. I have nothing against it. Most people are all like 'it's murder, it's murder'. I don't care. Some people it is the best thing to do at the time and it helps.
gay lesbian relationships/marriage:: I am for this also. If two people love each other why not let them be like everyone else.
straight-edge:: Doesn't matter to me. Better to wait off though.
self infliction:: I have not much to say about this. I am not exactly for it but some people can't help it. People who do it for attention on purpose, or just to be cool or something, that isn't good. I am against that.
the 'scene':: Hmm doesn't matter to me here either. Some people choose to fit all in the 'scene', I don't always care. I think it's better to just be yourself though. :)

[at least] three clear pictures of your face,
and one body shot.

Sorry sometimes a picture whore.
in at least two communities,
and one journal, and post the links.
http://www.livejournal.com/users/blondedevilkim/67496.html -Journal.
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