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Can you inject love's tender touch back into the gang bang?

name:: Don, Donald, D-Money, Garas.
age:: Eighteen
gender:: Balls
location:: Syracuse, NY.

eleven favorite bands:: In no particular order: My Chemical Romance, AFi, Brand New, Lola Ray, Wu Tang Clan, The Used, As I Lay Dying, If Hope Dies, Atreyu, Every Time I Die, The Black Mages
three favortie songs [and the names of the band]:: AFi: "The Time Imperfect", Iron Maiden: "Fear of the Dark", Atreyu: "A Song For the Optimists"
three bands that you can't stand, and why::
Unwritten Law - The song "Calin" basically. Just... reminds me of a few too many bad things.
Dixie Chicks - Blah, why /would/ anyone like them, is the real question.
Rancid - I cannot stand this band for whatever reason.  I can't pinpoint it.
shows you have been to:: I go to a ton of local shows, usually of bands I've never heard of/don't remember.  But I have seen: If Hope Dies, Horse the Band, Between the Buried and Me, Fall Out Boy, Vans Warped Tour, Ozzfest 2000, Kittie, Atreyu, Spitalfield, and tons of others.  Soon to add: The Used, My Chemical Romance, Killswitch Engage, Senses Fail and more to that list after Taste of Chaos next month.

five favorite movies:: Dogma, Donnie Darko, Samurai Champloo (Aka: Breakdancing Samurai), Ninja Scroll, American History X.
three favorite books:: Solipsist - Henry Rollins; Any of the J.R.R. Tolkien books (LOTR, Hobbit, Simarillion, so forth); The Green Mile.
three favorite televeision shows:: The Venture Brothers; Cops; anything on Friday Night Standup (Comedy Central).
what thing can you not live without, and why:: Probably my penis.
make me laugh, or at least smile::

Mother fucking Katana Wielding Top Hat Wearing Octopus fucks people up like whoa.
That is what I do during work. =/

OPINIONS [please elaborate, no 'yes' or 'no' answers]
abortion:: Against EXCEPT in serious situations such as: rape, could cause great injury/death to mother/etc stuff of the likes.  While I believe a woman has a right to do with her body as she wishes, certain choices bring certain consequences.  A woman has just as much right to turn down sex as she does, and when she takes the responsibility to have sex, she also takes the responsibility of the consequences.  Just because you fuck up doesn't mean you can ditch outta the consequences.
gay lesbian relationships/marriage:: Whatever floats yer boat.  Love is not constricted by gender, I suppose.
straight-edge:: While I do believe the movement is such a great thing, militant straight edge fags can die.  This is the same way I feel about vegan nazis and stuff.  Believe in what you want, but if I don't agree with you, fucking drop it.  If I want a shot of alcohol don't tell me that I'm killing myself.  I don't care.  So leave me the fuck alone and push yer agenda elsewhere.
self infliction:: Retarded.  We all know causing harm to oneself will make everything so much better.
the 'scene':: I love the scene.  ((Define scene?!?!))  This is just another term people use to describe kids who go to hardcore shows, dye their hair black and let the bangs hang low.

[at least] three clear pictures of your face,
and one body shot.

And because it's brand fucking new as of yesterday... my new tattoo (the bottom one) with my old one (the top one being Protoman; brother to Megaman.)

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and one journal, and post the links: Links to communities promoted in:

This will be promoted in my journal through my friends list.  No offense but if people spam my fucking entries with community invites I get frustrated, so I refuse to do it to others.
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